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  • In 1975 there were 817 dairy farms producing milk in Connecticut. In 2018, there were barely 100 dairy farmers in our state, with herds number between 19,000 and 20,000 cows.
  • Because of active support from the State of Connecticut and its citizens, the number of dairy farms in Connecticut has remained stable since 2010.
  • Congressman Joe Courtney has been a tremendous supporter of the dairy industry. He was the first CT legislator appointed to the House Agriculture Committee in over 100 years.
  • The Federal Government sets the price that dairy farmers receive for their milk.  That price does not reflect the higher cost of doing business in the northeast.
  • CT dairy farmers are facing exploding costs of production including feed, fuel and electricity.
  • CT dairy farming generates $2 billion of economic activity annually, employing thousands of individuals on and off the farm.
  • CT dairy farmers crop over half of all Connecticut farmland providing open space, wildlife habitat, scenic vistas and adding to the quality of life for all CT's citizens.
    (Source: cfba.org)

Proud members of The Farmer's Cow

Proud members of
The Farmer's Cow

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